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    CoolMax® is the registered brand of the Invista Company. CoolMax® fabric's outstanding function comes from its special structure. Thus, the designer makes this fabric's unequalled function: soft and smooth, ventilation, super moisture absorption. It's used to produce SOBIKE's jerseys and some of the pads.

    TOPCOOL is a new product developed by Taiwan Far East Spinning and weaving Co., Ltd. TOPCOOL is one of the cross section textile fibers: The sweat is easier to evaporate relying on the increase of the fabric's surface. And the scoop channel on the surface of the fiber makes it easier to get the water out more rapid. The sweat will be taken to the surface of the clothes easily, bases on the theory that the fiber can cause capillarity and the contact surface area increases. Once you are in the clothing made of TOPCOOL fiber, you will always feel cool and comfortable, no matter how much sweat occurs. It's used in some of SOBIKE's jerseys.

    COOLPLUS is a kind of polyester fiber from Taiwan Zhongxin Spinning and weaving Co., Ltd.

    AIRPASS is a special shaped polyester fiber; the fiber surface is cruciform type, expansion of the textile's fiber surface area makes the moisture evaporation 50% quicker than normal cotton. Meanwhile, the capillarity caused by the crevice of the fiber, can effectively spread the water, thus it cools the body. It is used in some of SOBIKE's jerseys.

    LYCRA is the registered brand of the INVISTA Company; it is a high performance elastic fiber. It is used to make some of SOBIKE's jerseys, pants, arm warmer and leg warmer.

    WINDOUT is a high polymer polyester coating; it is both water-repellent and wind proof. It also can get the water out easily. WINDOUT coating is very light itself, but once it connects with other special warm materials, it will be very warm. It is used to make some of SOBIKE's jerseys, pants and accessories.

    3M Company's "Scotchlite" series of reflection products are widely used in various reflection logos and strips.

    YKK is the famous brand of the world's largest zipper provider - YOSHIDA ZIPPER. Its high quality is admitted by the whole world. In some kind of significance, it's a symbol of upscale clothing. "Little zipper, big different" is its slogan. It is used in some of SOBIKE's jerseys and pants.

    If you see this tag on our products, that means the product can cut more than 97% ultraviolet ray.