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    About Us

    Hangzhou Qi Guang Clothing Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the manufacturing of cycling wear.  The main products include cycling jerseys, cycling pants, and other associated sportswear, each made expertly with quality and detail.  

    Sobike and the symbol " " are the registered trademarks of Hangzhou Qi Guang Clothing Co., Ltd.  Utilizing the latest cycling fabrics in the world and certified by the strictest quality control, each product of Lance Sobike is specially designed for your cycling comfort and safety.

    To achieve even higher standards, we employ the most advanced technique in the world by infusing our products with quality and durable material which are windproof, waterproof, tear-resistant, and air-transfer efficient.  The experience gained from our thriving commercial operations in the domestic and national markets enable us to recognize the needs of the cyclist.  All of our products are designed with functionality, appearance, and comfort in mind.  In addition to our variety of sewing machines and advanced " Sublimation Printing " system, we have a good relationship with our suppliers which also allows us to offer our customers Italian and Japanese fabrics such as "LYCRA", "COOLMAX", "TOPCOOL", "COOLPLUS" and "YKK."

    All of our products undergo extensive and rigorous pre-market testing.  Combining our manufacturing experience and the feedback from our customers, our designers continue to make post-market improvements to meet the demands of our cycling friends.  

    With our many retailers in the domestic market, we strive for the principle of “Cooperative Success.”  We believe the rapid and healthy growth of our brand can only be attained through our stable long-term cooperative effort and the success of our retailers.

    We accept OEM and club orders. The minimum order quantity is 30 pieces.

    Our goal is to provide cycling wear to the masses.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for your high-quality sportswear!